This scales page is outdated. You can find many more improved scales, with more choices for your ability and level in our new scales section for women here:

1A Strainer: Melody:

1B Strainer: Harmonized:

1C Strainer: Melody, slow:

1D Strainer: Harmonized, slow:

1E Strainer: Melody, fast

1F Strainer: Harmonized, fast

1G Light Chest: Melody

1H Flipper: Melody

1I Strainer: Melody, advanced

1J Balanced: Melody, advanced

1K Balanced: Extreme Range, Melody

2A Major Scale: Melody

2B Major Scale: Harmonized

2C Major Scale: Melody, slow

2D Major Scale: Harmonized, slow

2E Major Scale: Melody, fast

2F Major Scale: Harmonized, fast

2G Minor Scale (Natural): Melody

2H Minor Scale (Natural): Harmonized

2I Minor Scale (Natural): Melody, slow

2J Minor Scale (Natural): Harmonized, slow

2K Minor Scale (Natural): Melody, fast

2L Minor Scale (Natural): Harmonized, fast

5A Octave Jump: Scale

6A Intervals: Melody

6B Intervals: Melody

6C Intervals: Melody, slow

6D Intervals: Melody, slow

6E Intervals: Melody, fast

6F Intervals: Melody, fast

6G Intervals From 5th: Melody

6H Intervals From 5th: Harmonized

7A Major Pentatonic: Melody

7B: Major Pentatonic: Harmonized

7C Major Pentatonic: Melody, slow

7D Major Pentatonic: Harmonized, slow

7E Major Pentatonic: Melody, fast

7F Major Pentatonic: Harmonized, fast

7G Pentatonic Minor: Melody

7H Pentatonic Minor: Harmonized

7I Pentatonic Minor: Melody, slow

7J Pentatonic Minor: Harmonized, slow

7K Pentatonic Minor: Melody, fast

7L Pentatonic Minor: Harmonized, fast